Warning: Struggling To Sell or Buy a Home?

Are You Struggling to Sell or Buy a Home?  Here are a few quick tips that may make it just a little bit easier.  Although a good real estate agent should know the following to be true, we still seem to struggle getting our clients to understand how the below small changes can be the difference between buying or selling a home.


One of the top complaints from buyers that have them leaving a showing before the smell of chocolate chip cookies has hit the front door is having the seller in the home during the showing.  Honestly, it freaks buyers out!  Buyers feel “stalked” and “stifled” in their ability to explore the home or verbally process their first impressions when the seller is lurking.  As well, buyers have shared that they:

  • Cannot envision themselves in a home with the homeowner there.  They feel like they are intruding and it feels awkward.
  • Feel uncomfortable opening up drawers, closet doors, etc.  The buyer leaves feeling like they didn’t get a good look at the home.
  • Cannot express thoughts about how the home may or may not be exactly what they were looking for.  They cannot express their dislike of a certain wall or ask their realtor what the cost of pulling up the “ugly” carpet would be.

Another complaint from buyers is showing a messy or cluttered house.  The hardest part of trying to sell your home is keeping it clean while it’s on the market.  All sellers have the same complaint but it is a necessary evil. A clean and de-cluttered home will sell over a messy and cluttered home any day of the week.  You’d be surprised how many sellers just don’t listen and pay the price when their home doesn’t sell.  Here some things that will make this easier on you and your family:

  • The easiest way to keep it clean is downsize.  If you pack up your personal items, put all non-essentials in storage, it will be easier to keep clean.   As well, you’ll have less to pack later on!
  • Note to those “closet stuffers” or “under-the-bed hiders” out there…buyers will look everywhere.  Don’t bother stuffing it under the bed or in the closet.
  • Get the carpets cleaned, mow the lawn, dust and mop the floors.  These are quick and easy ideas that make a great first impression.

An overpriced home will go a long way to angering buyers.  With access to lots of home pricing data, an abundance of home pictures and home sales data buyers will know if you are overpricing your home.  And don’t forget, we are in a buyer’s market there are more properties than there are people to buy them.  This simply means that if real estate agents and buyers feel your home is overpriced, they will likely not even give it a first look.

Unjustified or extreme lowball offers: It is safe to say that most sellers these days CANNOT afford to give away their home at a price far below what it’s worth on today’s market. Lowballing a seller at a price far below comparables will likely turn them off.  And that will likely cause the seller to view your offer as disrespectful and wasteful of their time.  If you truly feel you have wiggle room, work with your real estate agent on an offer that is comfortable for you and not maddening to the seller.

Buyer-side mortgage fails: The worst case scenario for the seller is that they accept an offer only to find out a few weeks, or months, later that the buyer can’t get the loan needed to close the deal.  Most sellers will avoid this scenario by simply not accepting your offer.  The best way for your offer to be taken seriously is to get your mortgage pre-approved. It takes time upfront but will need to be done anyway…this action will never be a waste of your time!!!