About Us

Best Choice REALTORS was founded by two friends in 2003 who were well on their way to becoming best friends.  Our goal was to provide the highest quality of real estate services while still giving you a choice in how much and when to pay for them.  We focus on providing industry expertise with marketing and technology resources in a package you can afford.

We started Best Choice Realtors after having experienced the pain of buying and selling homes. We  felt there was a better way to do real estate.  Our not-so-pleasurable experiences brought us to call our new company Best Choice Realtors.  We wanted it to be clear that our homegrown company would truly be the best choice for those who were no longer interested in being treated like “one of many” or feeling as though their best interests had been lost in the shuffle.  Our main goal was to simply provide great customer service at an affordable price, helping people buy and sell real estate.  Keeping to our roots using this simple philosophy has seemed to work.  The last 12 years have proven to be a great success.

Learn more about the co-owners and Lake Norman area agents, Mary and Sara.