Love letters, how meaningful are they?

Some buyers get so excited about a home they want the seller to know.  This could be especially true if they feel they will be in a multiple offer scenario.  So, should they write a letter to the seller to let them know how much they love their home and hope the seller accepts their offer?  The buyer hopes that if they express their love for the sellers home the seller will want them to have it.  For most owners, selling is emotional and they want a buyer to be someone who will love the home as much as they have.  The buyer hopes to pull on those emotional strings with their love letter.

But is this a good idea?  If this was my buyer I would say it’s not a good idea at all!  Writing a letter to the seller letting them know how much they love the home gives away all their negotiation power.  Even if they get the home for the price they want they still have to go through the repair negotiations and the seller will know they don’t have to do much to keep the buyer in the deal if the buyer loves the home that much.

It’s ok to love the house, but it might be ok to show it with a love letter.  Save those for expressing your emotion to someone who won’t have a reason to hold it against you.