Less Is More….

It’s the time of year when owners are considering selling their home.  Time and efforts put into getting your home ready for the market can bring it top dollar in the spring market.  Cleaning and staging make a big difference but sometimes remodeling efforts are also needed.

The 2015 Remodeling Cost vs Value Report identifies that large-scale projects usually don’t return their full cost.  Many smaller projects and renovations are offering a better return on their cost.

Some of the best return on cost projects found from the report:

new front door (steel)  (101.8% cost recoup)
garage door replacement (88.5% cost recoup)
midrange wood window replacement
minor kitchen remodel

Replacement projects are offering a bigger return than remodels and those that are offering the biggest bang for the buck are those that are noticeable right away to a buyer.

Keep in mind return on costs vary’s throughout the country.  You know what they say about real estate…location, location, location.


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