It’s Not All Under The Roof – Home Inspections

When a buyer purchases a home, most times they do a home inspection.  The home inspection looks at many areas of the home including, faucets, doors, locks, windows, crawl space, attic space, roof and more.  But what they don’t look at are the items that aren’t attached to the home in the traditional sense.

Buyers should consider looking at things like, irrigation, landscaping, patios, septic system, outdoor fireplaces or kitchens.  All these inspections can be overwhelming.  Not only will a buyer receive much information about the home but the costs of these inspections can run up.   Make sure you have a full understanding from your home inspector as to what is covered in the inspection and then decide what other items you wish to look at yourself or call in a specific technician for review.

Buyers want a full and complete understanding of any potential issues they are taking on when they buy a home.  Is that fence around the property in good condition?  Do all the irrigation heads work?  Are there any large dead trees on the property that may need to be removed?

Keep in mind – it’s not just under the roof you are buying!