GET READY FOR SPRING: A Home Checklist To Get You Started

It’s March 1st and it is 79 degrees on my porch.  I am not going to jump on the global warming band wagon here but all I have to say is I have not had to wear a coat this year.  My tulips are starting to bloom and my daffodils have been up for weeks.  Weird!!!

As I walked around outside I started noticing some home-care type things that I had been either putting off or were noticing for the first time.  That got me thinking… “what kind of home maintenance or preparedness must I be thinking about right now?”  So, I did what I always do when I have a question…I went online.  I found so many great ideas that my internal geek-ness just HAD to share with our readers.  Below is some of what I considered seasonally pertinent, but a quick search online can get you printable checklists that are great to have throughout the year.  


  • Check that water drains are intact and pointing away from the house.
  • Ensure that the fence around the pool is intact.
  • Clean window wells and check drainage.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts.  (Tip: It’s easier to clean gutters when leaves are still damp.)
  • Check roof and siding shingles are in good condition.
  • Check chimney, plumbing vents and skylight flashing.
  • Look for peeling paint.
  • Look for signs of water damage where deck attaches to house.
  • Clean dryer vents.
  • Check exhaust ducks are clear.
  • Make sure all exterior lighting is working, especially motion sensor lighting.
  • Trim branches around the roof line to keep squirrels, roof rats and other pesky animals off the roof.
  • To keep water shut-off valves from sticking, turn them off and then on again.  If they do not shut-off the water, it is time to replace.  If they do not operate smoothly, a little WD-40 works wonders.

Basement and Crawl Space:

  • Ensure there are no wet surfaces or pooling water.
  • Check sump pump and value workings.
  • Vacuum basement surfaces.

 Interior Walls, Ceilings, Wall and Doors:

  • Check the operation of doors and windows.  (Tip, I use WD 40 on the interior workings of my stinky windows.  It is such a fire hazard if windows stick.)


  • Clean dryer vents, hoses and screens.
  • Clean air conditioning coils and drain pans, if any.
  • Clean dehumidifier and check its proper operation.
  • Check washing machine hoses for leaks. If one has old rubber hoses, it might be a good time to replace with no-burst hoses available at the local hardware store.

 Electrical Equipment:

  • Check for damaged cords.  This is just a good thing to get into the habit of!!!
  • Test ground fault interrupters.
  • Check smoke and CO detectors. 

 HVAC Equipment:

  • Have furnaces and fuel-burning appliances inspected annually by a professional technician.
  • Check air conditioner and replace filters where necessary.
  • Check Dehumidifier, where you have one built into home.
  • Remove sediment from buildup in hot water heater tank.


  • Check for signs of water damage.
  • Check for signs of rodents, bats, roaches and TERMITES.

 Channel your inner weekend warrior, this stuff is important!