Due Diligence Form

This form will define the inspections/investigations you wish to do on the property. Keep in mind this does not include other investigations such as local area, schools, and general neighborhood information. These items are specific to the property. You are welcome to do any and all investigations you wish to do outside of these items, such as those listed above, during the Due Diligence period. Also, you will work with your lender during this period to verify your loan commitment.

    ** The home inspector will do a cursory review of the HVAC and roof. If you wish a specialist come out instead it will be an additional cost to the general inspection. If you have a specific concern about a certain item, sometimes this is helpful.
  • ** If Best Choice orders the inspection we will select inspectors we have used in the past and trust. We will have them contact you and you can have final say if you would like to cancel and select another inspector. We do not have any affiliation or receive anything in return from our inspectors.
  • Property Information

  • Do you have any specific questions or need any information about the home, property or neighborhood that you need during due diligence that would make you potentially want to terminate this contract? Please answer yes or no. If yes, please let us know what that is.

  • * Reviewing appraisals helps us stay educated on how appraisers are viewing features in the market. We request that you allow us to see a copy of your appraisal for educational purposes.