It was your dream home…but it isn’t anymore….

This home was once your dream home but it isn’t anymore.  Isn’t that why you are moving?  So you can build a new dream?  It’s ok to move forward in life.

So you want to sell your beloved home. The one where your children were either born and grew up in. The one which you painted all the rooms by hand to save money and painstakingly stenciled all those pink and purple swirly things in your daughters room. The home that has no secrets for you and all its “quirks” seem charming now. That drip in the sink lulls you to sleep at night and that hole in the wall (behind the picture) reminds of a funniest story. It’s your home and you feel as attached to it as you do to your favorite pet. Problem is…your trying to sell your home AND a dream to someone else. Their dream looks different than yours and you NEED to cast a wide net when trying to fulfill the dreams of a majority. I mean, you want a bidding war…don’t you!??! Repeat after me, “It’s not your dream home anymore…it’s theirs.” I also know (first hand unfortunately) that spending money on a home that you are trying to make money on seems counter intuitive. The realities are…well…real!!! The facts are the facts. If you don’t de-clutter, if you don’t paint that bright yellow kitchen and pull down the roster border and fix the hole in the wall…your story of why someone else should live there won’t make sense. If the light fixtures don’t match and they’re in the same room, than your telling buyers that this house meant nothing to you and will probably shouldn’t mean much to them.

All of this is so important as the housing market begins to stabilize. The urgency to “buy now” is relaxing as interest rates rise and all those homes that had been sitting on the market during the crisis (inventory) are gone or getting more expensive.

If you are looking to sell your home now, please make sure you are telling the right story when buyers walk into your home. Allow those warm and comfortable memories to come through by showing how well you took care of your home. As well, the days of putting a premium on those “feelings” reflected in what you think your home is worth may be putting you at a disadvantage. The facts are the facts and unfortunately the comparable’s don’t lie.