Tips for Buyers


I want to buy a home….Now What?

  1. Select a Realtor
    Work with someone who will represent you and your interests.  Understand that if a property is listed with an agent and you enter into a contract with that seller – that seller has representation and you DON’T. 
Many buyers think that without an agent, they can negotiate the commission normally paid to a buyer’s agent off the price.  This will NOT work.  The seller has already signed a contract to pay the listing agent a certain commission.  If there is a buyer’s agent they split the commission.  If there is no buyer’s agent, they keep it all – and STILL only represent the seller.
  2. Pre-qualify for your loan
    Find out how much house you can afford. Determine how much of a down payment you can afford and what monthly payment you can afford.  This can be done with a loan officer prior to beginning your house hunt, and it will allow sellers to know you are a serious seeker. Shop rates to make sure you are getting the best deal.
  3. Define what you want in a home
    We will provide you with a check list that will allow you to identify your needs and wants in the new home you seek.  This will help us in our job to search for the best homes for you to view.
  4. Visit Properties
    Go see the properties that your agent has found for you based on the criteria you defined.
  5. Keep good notes
    Keeping good notes on the homes you have seen will help sort out confusion in the end. After a while, it becomes difficult to remember which features belong to what home. We can provide you with a form and rating system to help you compare homes.
  6. Look beyond cosmetics
    Make sure the home is in good physical condition and that you understand the cost of repairs.
  7. Don’t stop too soon
    Look at additional homes, even if you love the first one you see. Many times, it takes looking at several homes before you find the one that is really right for you.

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